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Crazy Ever After
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Crazy Ever After

by Kelly Jamieson

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Sometimes the only fights worth fighting are those youre going to lose...

Fiercely independent Samara Hayden has been working her way up in her fathers coffee company since she left home seven years ago, broken hearted and betrayed. Now her father has died mysteriously and she has to return home. She shares her fathers passion for coffee and she knows the business, so shes determined to take over running the company.

Turning Samara down that night she kissed him seven years ago was the hardest thing Travis Murray ever had to do. Eight years older than her, and her fathers business partner, he knew she was way off limits. After Parker saw them together, he made Travis swear hed never touch Samara again, and Travis has worked hard to regain Parkers respect ever since. With Parker now gone, hes the natural one to succeed him as CEO.

Samaras still attracted to Travis, but she cant let that get in the way of her plans to run the company. Travis cant let someone so young and inexperienced take over the business he helped build. Samara and Travis go head to head over business decisions, including the project Parker was working on in Matagalpa, but with the attraction still hot between them, theyre fighting over more than business...

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