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Android Games | Category: Adventure
Zombie Ripper
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Version: 1.3
(39.17 MB)
Downloads: 16335
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Zombie Ripper is a first-person action game in which players have to fight against never-ending hoards of zombies by using different firearms.

Different from other titles like Dead Effect, Zombie Ripper doesn't let you move freely. You have to remain still in different environments, while you watch the zombies get closer to your position. With just your thumb, you control where the firearms aims and you use the other thumb to shoot.

As you advance through the different environments, you won't just run into new zombies, but you will also be attacked by creatures that are increasingly dangerous. Luckily, you can rely on a good arsenal of arms to fight them with.

For each environment that you pass, you will receive some money that you can later use to invest in better weapons. This will definitely be necessary, since the pistol you get in the beginning of the game is worthless when confronting more dangerous creatures.

Zombie Ripper is a fun first-person shooting game that has awesome graphics. You can kill zombies for hours from the comfort of your Android.

Requires: Android 2.3 or higher.

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