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UC Browser Mini for Android
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Version: 10.7.9
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UC Browser Mini for Android is a good alternative to the many browsers that can already be found for Android devices. It has a simple interface but includes all the features needed to have an enjoyable browsing experience.

Some of the most significant features included with the browser are gesture control which you can use for various functions by gesturing on the screen, the ability to quickly switch from one tab to another, and the ability to search for anything using voice commands.

In addition, UC Browser Mini for Android offers a night mode so you can surf the Internet without much light, though your eyes may feel a little strained as is common when you're trying to find something at night and you're already in bed.

UC Browser Mini for Android is a competent browser which, despite having a wide range of pretty good features, is still lacking compared to the best Android browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin Browser. With time and updates, however, it will continue to improve and will soon be even with all of them.

This version of UC Browser - which is mini - is very close to the normal version of the same browser and offers an experience very similar to that of the traditional UC Browser 8.7, though it is more light and fluid and ultimately ideal for less powerful devices.

UC Browser is a brilliant Android browser Ė and hereís why

UC Browser isnít exactly unknown. Since it was spawned over a decade ago, itís been moving up in the world to the point that itís now become one of the most popular browsers in use worldwide. It comes from China, where it holds two thirds of the total market share. Itís recently topped 100 million active daily users and its localization policy has catapulted it beyond its borders with spectacular growth, topping direct competitors like Opera Mini and becoming the most downloaded mobile browser in certain countries like Mexico. But what makes UC Browser special? Here are some of its most attractive features.


Requires: Android 2.2 or higher

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