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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DownloadWAP really free?
Yes, DownloadWAP is totally FREE to use, it is not a subscription service. DownloadWAP won't charge you for downloading, creating or sharing mobile content.
However, if you download content through your mobile data connection, most wireless carriers will charge you for data usage.

I can listen to/view but not save content on my phone, how do I save?
Some phones like iPhone won't let you save ringtones directly to your phone, instead download the content and transfer it to your phone via your computer.

I can not set the music as ringtone on my phone, what can I do?
First make sure that the ringtone file type is compatible with your phone model, polyphonic ringtone works on most phones, but MP3/AAC/M4A ringtone will only work on newer phones. Secondly try using a ringtone that is no longer than 20 seconds. The software of some mobile phones does not allow you to set a music longer than 20 seconds as a ringtone.

Why I get an error message while I am downloading an item?
There could be many reasons why this happens.
1.The file size of the item you are downloading is so large that the mobile operator network can not handle it.
2.The file type you are downloading is not supported by your phone.
3.Error is caused by unstable mobile networks

If file is too big, please download it to your PC first, then transfer item to the phone. For the unstable mobile network error, you can always try to download it again later.

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